Metal buildings are an integral part of many industries, and agriculture is no different. Farms of all kinds from multi-crop to hobby farms to riding stables can benefit from the use of metal barns in NC. Metal buildings can serve as animal housing, crop storage, machine sheds, and much more. L&G Building and Concrete can custom design and install a metal barn on your property as soon as you need it.

Metal Barns in NC Offer Many Distinct Benefits

Wooden barns have been built for centuries, and while they offer a classic look, they are not always the most practical of options. Metal barns in NC can even be designed to mimic wood barns. Consider these amazing benefits of metal.

  • Minimal maintenance. One major benefit of metal barns is that they require very little upkeep. Simply keep trees and bushes trimmed back and occasionally pressure washing the exterior (and interior if needed).
  • Sturdy. Metal barns are made of steel, a strong metal that maintains its structural integrity in extreme weather and any other act of nature.

  • Durable. Barns typically receive a fair amount of wear and tear with daily use, and metal barns hold up well under all kinds of conditions from animal housing to crop storage.
  • Affordable. Metal barns are an affordable solution for your storage and livestock housing needs. When compared with other building materials, metal barns can serve the same purpose for a fraction of the cost.
  • Fast installation. One of the greatest benefits of metal barns is that they can be constructed quickly, providing much-needed storage space or animal shelter when you need it.
  • Mold and termite resistant. A metal barn is resistant to the two main problems that plague wood: mold and termites. Eliminate the worry surrounding these pests.

Flooring Options are Flexible to Serve Many Different Purposes

The purpose of your barn will determine what type of floor you prefer. For housing livestock, you may want to have a dirt floor for the comfort of the animals. For storing tools or machinery a concrete floor is best to protect tires and keep equipment dry. Gravel is sometimes an option for when you need some traction but prefer a softer floor. L&G Building and Concrete can install your metal barn with any type of floor you choose.

More Structures for Agricultural Pursuits

Metal buildings can be more than just barns. Covered riding arenas are ideal for those days when the weather would otherwise prevent riding lessons or horse shows from occurring. Chicken coups and individual animal pens are other options for metal buildings. Custom buildings can be designed to suit any purpose.

Find Quality Metal Barns for Sale at L&G Building and Concrete

If you’re in need of a barn or other outbuilding on your property, L&G Building and Concrete designs and installs metal barns in NC. With plenty of options available, such as number and style of doors, roof, insulation, flooring, and color, you can find metal barns for sale that will suit your needs. Call 336-521-9787 or visit 1415 N. Fayetteville St. Asheboro, NC 27203.