Carports offer a much needed shelter for vehicles of all kinds from the car you drive daily to your RV or boat. Metal carports in NC can be attached to existing structures or built as stand-alone shelters. Carports are affordable and versatile, adding convenience and value to your home for much less than the price of an enclosed garage. If you’re thinking of adding a carport to your home or property, consider all that you’ll gain:

  • Vehicle protection. Parking your car outside without shelter exposes it to all sorts of damaging agents. Constant exposure to sunlight can fade the paint. Moisture from rain, snow, and frost can eventually take its toll on your car’s body, causing rust and deterioration. Hail can cause significant damage. Metal building carports offer weather protection for your vehicle. Recreational vehicles such as boats, campers, ATVs, and more can also benefit from the protection a carport provides.

  • Convenience. An attached carport allows you to enter and exit your vehicle while under shelter from the weather. It makes loading and unloading groceries or luggage much more convenient as well.
  • Resale value. When the time comes to sell your home, a carport is a feature that will attract potential buyers, allow you to price your home higher, and likely generate better offers. And because it is such an affordable upgrade, the cost recouped is that much higher
  • Versatility. Your carport can be used for more than just parking. It can be a picnic shelter, a covered outdoor workspace, or a place to grill on a rainy day. When you need a roof over your head for shade or rain protection with plenty of airflow, your carport is there.
  • Storage. When you need extra storage, your carport can provide that necessary space. Store items out of the elements underneath your carport shelter.

L&G Metal Carports in NC are High Quality at Affordable Prices

When it comes to metal building carports you don’t want to pay too much, but you still want a quality product. L&G Building and Concrete manufactures and installs metal carports in NC that meet both criteria. How can you be sure L&G carports are quality?

  • Quality materials. L&G carports are made of steel, which is strong and sturdy. Steel holds up for decades, which is why L&G Building and Concrete backs all metal with a 40-year warranty. Using quality materials extends to hardware, paint, insulation, concrete, doors, and mechanisms. Every part is built to last.

  • Quality craftsmanship. The manufacturing is just as important as the materials used. Creating the pieces and parts that go into each metal structure is done with careful precision so that everything fits perfectly together, no gaps, no shifting, and no potential for problems.
  • Quality installation. L&G knows that where the rubber meets the road is in the installation. You can have quality materials and quality craftsmanship, but if the building isn’t installed properly, you’re still lacking in quality. Experienced installers can construct your building both quickly and accurately so that it’s sturdy and will remain that way.

To purchase your affordable, high-quality carport from L&G Building and Concrete, call 336-521-9787.