Are you in need of a garage? If you want to add one to your home or business, metal garages in NC are ideal for both residential and commercial use. Metal garages are sturdy, affordable, and add value to any property. L&G Building and Concrete custom builds metal garages and carports and installs them fast, giving you the product you need for less time and money.

Increase the Value of your Home by Adding a Garage

Whether or not a home has a garage can be a deal breaker for some potential homebuyers. Of all the main features of a home for sale, the garage is listed in the initial description of the home, along with how many bedrooms and baths and the total square feet. Also included in the description is how many vehicles the garage has parking space for, and while two is average, even a one-car garage is an improvement. Space for 3 or more vehicles is a luxury.

Metal garages can be equipped with automatic doors, man doors, windows, and any other feature you would see on a typical garage. There are different flooring options, with concrete being the most popular choice as it provides a solid, dry surface that is best for tires. Drains can also be installed in concrete garage floors as needed.

Save Money by Starting your Business in a Metal Garage

Depending on the nature of your business, you may be able to operate from a metal garage. Auto repair shops, lawn equipment sales and repair, woodworking, antiques, bike shops, and many more business ventures can function in a metal building. Metal garages can be insulated and equipped with plumbing, electricity, HVAC, phone, internet service, and anything else needed to run a successful business.

An advantage for new businesses is that you can save a lot of money by starting out in a metal garage in NC. Why rent a building or take out a commercial real estate loan when you can purchase or finance a much less expensive structure? It’s definitely worth your consideration.

Customizable Options to Create a Garage that is Just What You Need

Do you have a specific vision in mind for your garage? You probably at least have an idea of the size you need and the features it needs to have. Customizable options include:

  • Size.The size can be based on the number of vehicles you need to park, the amount of storage space you need, and how much room you may need for future growth.
  • Color. Metal garages and carports come in a variety of colors for paint and trim. You can choose your preferred color combination from a pallet of options.

  • Type of Doors. Do you need a large vehicle door? Do you need man doors? Do you want an automatic garage door with a remote? All of these options are available.
  • Number of Doors. Do you need a separate door for each vehicle spot or just one wide door that opens enough to allow multiple cars to enter? Will one man door be enough, or will you need a side and a back door?
  • Windows. Windows are optional, as well as the number you choose to include. Windows can allow natural light and air to get into your garage, but they are not always necessary.
  • Flooring. Concrete is the most popular flooring option, but dirt or gravel are also possibilities. The type of floor you choose should depend on the use of the garage.

When you’re ready to custom design your metal garage, call L&G Building and Concrete: 336-521-9787.